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Defences to Copyright Infringement. Creativity, Innovation and Freedom on the Internet

2020-11-27 @ 13:00 15:00 CET

Speaker: Stavroula Karapapa

Professor Stavroula Karapapa is the author of Defences to Copyright Infringement. Creativity, Innovation and Freedom on the Internet (Oxford University Press, 2020). In this research monograph, she adopts a holistic approach in the exploration of the limits of permissibility under EU copyright, including not only legislatively mentioned exceptions and limitations but also doctrinal principles and external to copyright rules with a view to unveil possible gaps and overlaps, offering a novel classification of defensive rules, and evaluating the adaptability of the law towards technological change.

Discussing recent legislative developments, such as the provisions of the Digital Single Market Directive, and case law from the Court of Justice, and bringing insights from an extensive set of national laws and cases, this book tells the story of copyright from the perspective of copyright defences, offering both positivist and normative insights into law and doctrine and arguing towards a principle-based understanding of the scope of defences that could inform future law and policy making.  In this talk, Professor Karapapa will discuss the current scope of copyright protection from the perspective of available defences to infringement.